Family Wheat Flour Milling Plant

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FAMILY WHEAT FLOUR MILLING PLANT outputs wheat flour by high speed continuous crushing and grinding, and its products are applied in use of making bread and cake. Most of our family flour milling plants are exported abroad.


WIN TONE FAMILY WHEAT FLOUR MILLING PLANT can help you mill the wheat into fine flour efficiently with least building and operation cost.

Our professional designers and engineers can ensure the advanced technology and less power consumption.

The finished products can meet your satisfaction.

FAMILY WHEAT FLOUR MILLING PLANT has the following features:

1. This plant reduces operation cost.

2. It is energy-saving and environment friendly.

3. Easy maintenance and operation.

4. Highly efficient.

FAMILY WHEAT FLOUR MILLING PLANT crushes and grinds wheat by continuous impact and grinds wheat into fine flour. 

Model Throughput (tons of wheat per 24 hours) Power (kW) Power consumed for 1t flour (kWh) Output flour type Size (L×W×H, m)
9A 9 15.75 Special flour grade 2: ≤60

Standard flour: ≤54
Special flour grade 2

Standard flour
9B 9 109.15 3.4×1.96×3.37
12A 12 19.75 3.1×1.67×3.05
12B 12 20.1 3.4×1.96×3.35
15AN 15 23.6 3.48×1.96×3.35
18A 18 28.6 3.48×1.67×3.35


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